My daughter is a very bright child, who often struggles with confidence issues. By the second day of Girls Empowerment Camp, the change in my daughter was drastic. She not only began to exude confidence and self-pride, she also spoke it!   `2014  Summer Camp Parent 

Girls will have an amazing experience learning about STEM careers with other like-minded girls!  

We engage girls in a balance of hands-on STEM activities in the first half of the day!  After lunch each day, we dive into a new character development activity to include Health Education, Financial Literacy, Bullying Prevention, and Entrepreneurship!  Girl Power STEM Program allow girls to join other like-minded girls to explore STEM in a fun and informal environment, so that we equip girls with STEM skills they will use for a lifetime.  Our girls will be women one day making a Real IMPACT in STEM!  Therefore, we are working right now to expose as many girls as we can to a future that awaits their brilliance!  Our hope is that we send girls back to school seeing math and science in a positive light! 

Build an App Week         July 5th - 7th      $175
In as little as a week girls will learn how to computer code and build winning apps for solving community issues!  Girls will think beyond picking up a smart phone to use any ole app, She'll know that she can build her own app!  This week, she'll be in a #coding world of creating animations, problem solving, and so much more!       

CSI/Forensic Week        July 10th-14th     $175
If your girls has watched any CSI show and got excited!  Here's her chance to help solve the mystery!  CSI week focus on evidence collection such as fingerprints, shoe and tire impressions, and trace evidence. Girls will learn forensic geology and the use of insects and plants. Girls are introduced to various topics related to forensic science like DNA analysis, blood spatter analysis, firearms and ballistics, autopsy and profiling.

STEMFashion Week         July 17th-21st   $175
This week is all about the #Power in the #Girl by becoming a Princess Chemist!  It's different every year!  Girls don’t just wear cosmetics, she make’m!  Everything GIRL goes this week as we explore STEM while wearing our fun and funkiest costumes!  Enjoy the surprise all week of something new and yes she can showcase it on July 27th!   

Robotics Week                 July 24th-28th   $175
Obvious Right?  Oh no! You say girls are Bossy, but we say Girls are Programming!  Programming Robots that is…She will be amazed at her ability to #build #program and #test #compete using Lego's EV3 Robots.  Here is a grand chance to take leadership skills to another level, while learning Robotics and meeting new friends!  

STEM Showcase               July 27th, 2017  4:00pm-6:00pm

Community Event – opportunity for the parents and community to see what an amazing group of STEMtastic Girls we have in Central GA!  Girls will showcase their best project from Girl Power STEM Camp!  We ask that all parents and kids participate and celebrate STEM Education for Girls during this free event!  Let's send the girls back to school #Empowered#Confident #Excited about #Science #Technology #Engineering #Math! 

Here’s what’s to come…

We are now accepting applications for the Girl Power STEM Summer Program!!! Please share the news far and wide, and encourage the parents of girl’s grades 3rd-8th in your life to apply.  The earlier that you register, the bigger the discount.  We have expanded from a one-week camp to four whole weeks in July!  All camps are 3-5 days long, with a different theme each week.  During week 1 camp is from 9:00am-12:00pm only!  However, for all other weeks hours are Monday-Friday, 9:000am-3:00pm, and includes lunch and a snack! Girl Power STEM Camp serve girls 3rd-5th and 6th-8th grade simultaneously (groups are held in separate activity spaces).  Join Us! 

Girl Power STEM Summer Camp!

Intelligent  and  Motivated  People  Actively  Changing  the  Times

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